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Any vloggers looking for music for there videos?

2017-01-13 13:13:01 by JosephEakes

I wouldn't call myself a legit DJ but what I do have is a TON of fun making these projects. Believe me when I say I have hundreds of tracks from years and years of practicing. If your interested in collabing dm me :)


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2017-01-13 14:22:05

There's also the Collaboration forum and the Collabinator here on NG, if you'd like to give those a shot as well.

But on NG (just as much as everywhere else), ya gotta pull your weight.

(Updated ) JosephEakes responds:

Ahh ok cool man thank you! :) I'm definitely new, but hey I'm trying.


2017-01-13 16:02:47

I feel ya; all of us will have been there before at some point. So do you mainly do electronic and branch out to other things, or?

JosephEakes responds:

Yeah I mainly do electronic. I don't really know how to play any instruments except a little keyboard. I failed music theory but heck did I learn a lot.